This Week in Gaming 3.1 Pokemon Presents Recap

This week in gaming kicked off with the Pokemon Presents digital event. There were three new games announced in the Pokemon universe including Pokemon Legends Arceus, a unique open world adventure game that is taking place in the Sinnoh region. Find out what the crew’s first impressions on the new twist on the classic franchise.Continue reading “This Week in Gaming 3.1 Pokemon Presents Recap”

TWIG 2/22 New World Delay

Big changes were made to This Week in Gaming. Instead of one long winded episode we are breaking down the biggest stories for you and releasing them starting Mondays and everyday following! This means you will be getting the latest news quickly and something to look forward to nearly everyday. The first story we discussContinue reading “TWIG 2/22 New World Delay”

Movie Knights: The Rom-Com Show

Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, the Movie Knights crew (accompanied by their better halves) discuss romantic comedies. Plenty of laughs and good times to be had as always with the Movie Knights crew so be sure to listen in to the latest episode below. While you are at it follow/subscribe to themContinue reading “Movie Knights: The Rom-Com Show”

Movie Knights – Sports Ball Show!

The Movie Knights crew is back. In honor of the big game on Sunday, Alex and Brandon talk sports movies! See if your favorites made the cut in one of their most fun conversations yet. Listen to the latest episode of TNC Movie Knights below. Remember to follow/subscribe on your favorite podcasting platform while youContinue reading “Movie Knights – Sports Ball Show!”

Commander and You: Best of Kaldheim

Your favorite Magic the Gathering podcast, Commander and You is back! This week, host Eric Roman breaks down some of the best cards coming in the new set Kaldheim. If you want to get a head start on what is next for Magic, listen in to the newest episode of Commander and You below! WhileContinue reading “Commander and You: Best of Kaldheim”

Movie Knights – Godzilla: King of the Monsters Watch-a-thon

As January comes to a close, it’s time for the Movie Knights crew and their friends to have their next movie Watch-a-thon. In the Movie Knights monthly watch-a-thon we provide commentary throughout the movie and just enjoy each other’s company. This month we decided to watch Godzilla: King of the Monsters in honor of theContinue reading “Movie Knights – Godzilla: King of the Monsters Watch-a-thon”

Commander and You – Must Buy Cards

The wait is finally over, Commander and You – TNC’s Magic the Gathering Podcast – is back! After breaking down the best cards in each color, Eric gives you a list of the must buy cards for each color right now. This includes some cards from the newest set Commander Legends. To stay on topContinue reading “Commander and You – Must Buy Cards”

Movie Knights – Forgotten Actors/Actresses

In the newest episode of Movie Knights the crew takes a look back. They reminisce about actors and actresses that have been forgotten throughout time. Join them for a walk down memory lane and see if any of your old favorites join the coversation. You can listen below, and don’t forget to follow/subscribe to TNCContinue reading “Movie Knights – Forgotten Actors/Actresses”

TNC Movie Knights – 2021 Road Map

Brandon Maj and Alex Fuery are back with their first episode of 2021! This time around they break down what to look forward to this year. For all you movie fans, there is plenty of content coming your way from our team of movie buffs. To get all the juicy details, listen to the episodeContinue reading “TNC Movie Knights – 2021 Road Map”

Shazam! Movie Review…

This is the first DC movie that I have been genuinely excited about for about a decade now, and I have to say it wasn’t what i was expecting. The reviews for this film were through the rough 90%+ on Rotten Tomatoes, and that was really surprising me because the lead up to the movieContinue reading “Shazam! Movie Review…”