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We are a group of fun loving nerds who strive to bring you the best content in the gaming industry!

Manny Roman

Co-founder of TNC and Co-host of TNC Live

Hey friends, I’m Manny, one of the co-founders of The Nerd Chambers and co-host of TNC Live. Years ago I was a weekly listener of “Beyond!” (IGN’s Playstation talk show/podcast) and it inspired me to pursue broadcasting and video game journalism. In broadcasting school I met Brandon and I told him about The Nerd Chambers and what I wanted it to do with it. He was immediately onboard and the rest is history! I love all things video games from MMO’s to competitive shooters and anything in between. Plus I LOVE talking about all things games whether it’s news or funny moments.

@MannyRoman22 on Twitter

Brandon Maj

Co-founder of TNC, Co-host of TNC Live and TNC Movie Knights

I am the Co-founder of TNC and a co host of TNC Live and TNC Movie Knights. I have been extremely into Competetive games and MMOs since day one. Ask me about City of Heroes…I have a huge love for everything nerd culture! Keep up with my tattoo progress of all my nerdy tattoos!

@TNCPenguin on Twitter

Adam Kovak

Co-host of TNC Live

Hello my name is Adam Kovak and I am currently 24 years old. I have a Bachelors Degree for Spanish and studied and Northern Illinois University. I have recently moved in with my girlfriend Madisen and we adopted two kittens named Spyro and Jinx. I enjoy most genres of gaming and movies, but would say anything group based for gaming and comedy based for movies are my go to.

@Nitrodex96 on Twitter

Alex Fuery

Co-host of Movie Knights

Hello! I’m Alex and I’m definitely less of a game nerd than most of the people in The Nerd Chambers, but I still have a solid amount of gaming in my past. Most of my nerd contributions come from the movie side of the nerdiverse. If you’re a cinephile like me, you can catch me co-hosting TNC Movies Knights with Brandon where we talk anything and everything movies!

@TNCFuery on Twitter

Breanna Otto

Community Manager

“Breanna, who recently graduated from DePaul University with a degree in Public Relations and Advertising, has had a love for video games since she was four years old. The first video game she ever played was Disney’s Aladdin on the Sega Genesis (talk about a throwback). She doesn’t really like playing sports games, even though she can beast in a game of Madden, but loves FPS, RPGs and action/adventure games. Her three favorite games/franchises include: Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry and The Sims (Yes, the Sims lol). If you ever want to team up in a game of COD or Fall Guys, add her PSN: Psychabrelics12”

@officialbrotto on Twitter

Eric Roman

Host of Commander and You: An MTG Podcast

I’m a dad joke enthusiast who loves to game. Father of one and a happy husband. Also I kind of like Magic the Gathering.

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