Top 5 Gaming News Stories of the Week

Blizzard Announced the next hero set to take the stage in Overwatch. Orisa is a robot reprogrammed by a young genius named Efi and was programmed to help the citizens of Numbani. As someone who goes out of their way for others, Orisa is pegged to be the 6th tank in the Overwatch lineup. HerContinue reading “Top 5 Gaming News Stories of the Week”

Middle – Earth: Shadow of War Announcement Trailer

Yesterday we got a leak via a Target listing for the game, Shadow of War. Today we got a trailer announcement for the game, and it looks fantastic! The trailer starts off with a woman appearing from the darkness telling, what I’m assuming is the audience, that “the world of men is burning.” Following that,Continue reading “Middle – Earth: Shadow of War Announcement Trailer”

Shadow of War Leak!

The much anticipated sequel for middle Earth’s Shadow of Mordor was leaked today via a Target listing. The sequel will follow the same main character from the previous game Talion/Celebrimbor. Shadow of War will follow its very unique nemesis system that made Shadow of Mordor as successful as it was. The target listing has theContinue reading “Shadow of War Leak!”