GDC Award Round-Up

The Game Developers Conference held their 17th annual award show yesterday and here some of the big winners from the show: Inside – Best Audio and Best Visual Art Firewatch – Best Debut and Best Narrative Overwatch – Best Design and Game of the Year No Man’s Sky – Innovation Award Jordan Mechner (Creator ofContinue reading “GDC Award Round-Up”

Nintendo looks to take the Indie game market…

The Nintendo Switch release is right around the corner. The popularity of the switch has been spreading like wild fire. Gary Jones from Express even reported that… “The NINTENDO switch pre order numbers are reportedly taking on PS4 launch day sales with gusto” Many gamers out there have been keeping their ears searching for moreContinue reading “Nintendo looks to take the Indie game market…”

People Need to Slow Their Roll with Bastion

With Season 4 of the Overwatch competitive scene going live, and the update coming out that rebalanced Bastion, people have been instantly locking in Bastion no matter the scenario. I am here on behalf of your teammates to say, STAHP, PLS, NO! Apologies for the grammar, but look, the new update did not turn BastionContinue reading “People Need to Slow Their Roll with Bastion”

Borderlands 3 News!?

I am sure all of you vault hunters have been waiting for the day to come to venture back in the wastelands of Pandora. We may finally be getting some news of when our new adventures embark. The story began nearly 8 years ago in 2009 when we were graced with the incredible story ofContinue reading “Borderlands 3 News!?”