Movie Nights – Latest Movie News Discussion

The Movie Knights crew go into some of film’s most exciting news released within the first two weeks of 2021. We’ve got a major announcement from Netflix, a big announcement in the MCU, and news reguarding Henry Cavil returning as Superman. This year is shaping up to be a very exciting year for movies –Continue reading “Movie Nights – Latest Movie News Discussion”

Developers of The Division making Star Wars Open-World Game

An announcement that is sending shock waves around the galaxy, Ubisoft announced yesterday that Massive Entertainment – the Swedish studio behind The Division – will be making an open-world game in the Star Wars universe. This news comes off the heels of Disney rebranding their gaming division to LucasFilm Games. The game will use theContinue reading “Developers of The Division making Star Wars Open-World Game”

This Week in Gaming – Microsoft Tried To Buy Nintendo? and More!

Happy Monday gamers! This Week in Gaming is back with all of the news from this past week. As the title suggests, we learn that Microsoft, once upon a time, tried to buyout Nintendo. We think about what the landscape of gaming could be had that actual happened and Nintendo’s response to the idea ofContinue reading “This Week in Gaming – Microsoft Tried To Buy Nintendo? and More!”

Movie Knights Review – Soul

The Movie Knights crew is back to bring you the first movie review of the New Year! This time around, Alex and Brandon give their thoughts on the Pixar movie Soul. The movie, now streaming on Disney+, is the first we have seen from Pixar that has an African-American lead. Did Jamie Foxx knock itContinue reading “Movie Knights Review – Soul”

Meet Valorant’s Newest Character – Yoru

The next character in Riot’s hit FPS Valorant has been unveiled ahead of the launch of Episode 2. Yoru will be joining the game’s lineup of characters in Episode 2, which starts January 12th. Riot described the infiltrator, stating: “Yoru is an Infiltrating Duelist, using an array of tools to re-position himself, or create fakeouts.Continue reading “Meet Valorant’s Newest Character – Yoru”

Behind the Scenes of Zack Snyder’s Next Film – Army of the Dead

With the Snyder Cut of Justice League in post-production, director Zack Snyder is now onto his next project. This one will be quite the change as it will be his first film that isn’t based on a source material or a reboot. Not only that, it will be the first film to debut from SnyderContinue reading “Behind the Scenes of Zack Snyder’s Next Film – Army of the Dead”

Yu-Gi-Oh! Pulls of the Week 1/7

It has been weeks of Brandon cracking open box after box of Yu-Gi-Oh! Phantom Rage boosters. We have seen some pretty great pulls over that time and had a few laughs along the way. This week Brandon cracked his final box of Phantom Rage. Does Brandon end this booster set on a high note, orContinue reading “Yu-Gi-Oh! Pulls of the Week 1/7”

TNC Movie Knights – 2021 Road Map

Brandon Maj and Alex Fuery are back with their first episode of 2021! This time around they break down what to look forward to this year. For all you movie fans, there is plenty of content coming your way from our team of movie buffs. To get all the juicy details, listen to the episodeContinue reading “TNC Movie Knights – 2021 Road Map”

Cobra Kai Season 3 Review

*** DISCLAIMER: Spoilers of SEASON 2 and MILD spoilers of Season 3 of Cobra Kai in this review. Season 3 points are as vague as possible as to not spoil the viewing experience.*** Netflix subscribers were given a wonderful gift to kick off the new year when they pushed the release date of Cobra KaiContinue reading “Cobra Kai Season 3 Review”

This Week in Gaming 1/4: Xbox Game Pass Rumors and More!

We apologize for delay, This Week in Gaming is back! There was a lot of big time rumors floating around the industry this week. Another publisher may add their service to Gamepass and did Bethesda give us a major tease about Elder Scrolls 6? We cover both those stories and recap the Steam Awards. YouContinue reading “This Week in Gaming 1/4: Xbox Game Pass Rumors and More!”