Medieval Dynasty New Update – The Dating Game Has Changed

Toplitz Productions unveiled the details of their next major update for their hit sandbox simulation game Medieval Dynasty. The changes are currently playable on the test branch and will surely hit the main game in the near future. The update offers loads of new additions including a new animal that you be able to hunt – or get hunted by, new job type, and an overhaul of the flirting and marriage system.

The new job involves the ability to build your own market stall and make your own shop. You will be able to dictate what goods are sold in the shop and who will be your shopkeeper. As for the changes to the flirting system, there is going to be new dialogue options, a merchant that sells gifts that you can purchase to gain favor with your beloved, and a whole lot more. We listed the additions to the game in the next update below. For a list of all bug fixes and other changes check out the update they provided to the Medieval Dynasty Steam page.

Additons Include:

  • New building – Market Stall
  • New profession – Store Keeper
  • New wild animal – Lynx
  • New Flirting system
  • New greeting dialogues
  • New dialogues for NPCs with different ages
  • New cutscene for the wedding
  • 20 new items – Gifts
  • New weapon – Wooden Crossbow
  • A new type of traveling merchant that sells exotic items – Gifts (Appears every season in one of the villages with a tavern)
  • Gift giving (One per season)
  • Wifes react to the state of the player’s character
  • The wife can give information to Herold on collecting enough resources to complete the challenge
  • The wife can pass on taxes and debts
  • The chance of a player’s child finding and gifting a random item
  • NPCs can point to the location of different vendors
  • NPCs can point to the location of different farm animals (to buy)
  • New feature in dialogues – Rumours (Wife’s additional dialogue lines)
  • NPCs do not want to talk if the character is dirty
  • New sounds for the forest rain
  • New feature – naming Fields, Orchards and Buildings
  • 26 new generatable places on the map
  • Hover effects on clickable UI elements
  • New label in building details that allows player to check what is stored in this building
  • Acceptation pop up when increasing skill level
  • Boar warning animation
  • Wolf warning animation

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