Call of Duty Warzone Event

About a week ago Call of Duty had their first in game live event for Warzone players. Opening day was August 25th with a playlist schedule for the remaining days of August. The event was a promotional piece for the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Apparently the new Call of Duty will be merging with Modern Warfare for free-to-play battle royale. For playing and completing the event, players were rewarded two emblems, a blueprint, two calling cards, and a charm. When you drop in, everything written such as map locations that are named black out. The screen flashes in and out with numbers and other Russian propaganda. People had ten minutes to complete four tasks which were: Collect Map Codes (Kill others and collect the dropped codes), Secure the Key (Collecting something similar to a bounty), Crack Map Code (Search for an item similar to a bounty but in a wide range area), Wield the Weapon (Find Woods from the original Black Ops with the new blueprint).

After these mission tasks are completed, individuals had a free lobby for kills and free roam with respawning until the time has concluded. Once the time has concluded, the squads who have completed the mission tasks move forward to a nuclear countdown where everyone has to run to the Stadium for safety. There is a countdown of random numbers along with the screen fuzzing out and millions of airstrikes in the air while avoiding suffocation from gas. Individuals either make it or die before making it to stadium. I played twice, the first time I had died, the second I successfully made it into Stadium. Everything goes black and the trailer for Call of Duty Cold War begins.

Personally, I felt the event was not worth it. Although it was fun to play through, there was no climax, no map changes, or any items that made Warzone exciting. Compared to Fortnites live events or Destiny 2’s event, Call of Duty’s event outcome was more of a let down. If I were to rate this event compared to other live events experienced in the gaming industry this one would be at the bottom even though it was fun. That being said, it had me very excited for the next Call of Duty.

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