There have been so many huge trailers that have dropped this week at San Diego Comic Con! We have already touched on one of the DC projects, Titans, the new gritty Teen Titans TV series… There have been two very big DC movie trailer that have dropped since then; the first one we are goingContinue reading “Shazam!”

Titans DC Universe Trailer First Thoughts…

A HUGE trailer dropped yesterday for the DC Universe and it was Titans the live action Teen Titans TV show. There has been a lot of speculation coming from fans after the set photos were leaked of the upcoming project. Some people did not care for the style they were going for with the characterContinue reading “Titans DC Universe Trailer First Thoughts…”

No Man’s Sky’s “NEXT” Trailer Drops

For those of you that have kept up with us for a while now, you know that since Day 1 I have been a big supporter of No Man’s Sky. Despite being one of the most controversial and scrutinized releases in recent memory, Hello Games has continued putting in a tremendous amount of work intoContinue reading “No Man’s Sky’s “NEXT” Trailer Drops”

Movie Review: The First Purge (SPOILERS)

The film franchise The Purge started out as a different and interesting crime film idea. Initially the purge was supposed to be a concept of all out crime that was legal. It has now turned into a piss poor political statement film attempting to prove corruption in government for the United States of America. ThereContinue reading “Movie Review: The First Purge (SPOILERS)”

Movie Review: The First Purge (NO SPOILERS)

What has started of as a unique crime film idea four films ago has turned into a piss poor political statement film attempting to prove corruption in government for the United States of America. The most recent installment takes place prior to the first three films as an experiment for the first Purge. It isContinue reading “Movie Review: The First Purge (NO SPOILERS)”

Emmy Nomination List Release

The Emmy Award Nomination list has been released. Netflix took over this years awards with 112 nominations beating out past years leaders HBO (108 noms) and NBC (78 noms). Netflix is clearly pushing to succeed in future years recently announcing their budget increase over doubling their spending costs on content. What was initially $6 billionContinue reading “Emmy Nomination List Release”

Country Roads, Take Me Home

Since it’s announcement on May 30th, Fallout 76 has been the talk of the town and there are several reasons why. It all started with the games lengthy announcement: a 24 hour live-stream filled with a whole lot of nothing, topped off with an appearance by industry icon Todd Howard. Throw in an online onlyContinue reading “Country Roads, Take Me Home”