First Impressions of Mass Effect: Andromeda

I am going to start by saying this, I haven’t delved too deep into the game as a whole just yet. These are just my thoughts on the game after spending some time on both the singleplayer and multiplayer. I will continue to progress through the game and once I feel I have a full grasp on the game I will give you guys a full review, but as of now, here is what I think.

From what I have played of the singleplayer, it is that same old Bioware feel we all know and love. Characters that feel meaningful right away, and a big twist in the game right from the start. You will see those themes in just about any Bioware game you play and it continues to draw you in and get you caught up in the world. The game graphically looks very good; environments are detailed and you really get a chance to explore right from the get go and gives you a true sense of the massive scale of the game. Many people have put those comparisons of the first Mass Effect’s graphics and Andromeda’s together saying that the game does not look very advanced graphically, but looking at them closely, I see a huge difference in visuals. The original Mass Effect used very detailed lighting to make everything look smoother  but also to hide the lack of detail in the environments as well, whereas in Andromeda you can see the great detail they put in some of the characters in the game right from the start.

Now I will address this now because it is such a huge topic of discussion with Andromeda; yes, there are animation problems with some of the character models in the game and they do throw you off a bit. When talking to an NPC in the game, her arms were just stretched out for no reason and they were just stuck like that until the conversation ended. This is a big flaw obviously, and disappointing that Bioware was unable to fix this issue before the game launched, but it hasn’t taken me out of the experience completely.

In terms of gameplay, it will feel very similar to previous installments of the Mass Effect series. It is nice to see that players get to skill their character the way they would like in Andromeda and can, eventually, fully spec their character. I have not gotten to see the full extent of the weapon modifications and the different components players will find in containers so the customization will be something to go into depth about in the full review.

The last piece of the game to address is the multiplayer. I played a few rounds of the co-op multiplayer and I have to say it is quite entertaining. Players can randomly queue with 3 other people or start a private game with 3 friends to take on different maps and missions. There is also three difficulties for each mission and will scale the rewards you receive to the difficulty you choose. Players will also get to choose the race and character class they play as and will be able to unlock classes by using in game currency to get different tiered packs. The packs will also include different boosters, weapons, and upgrades for players to use in game.

When in the missions the team of 4 will have to work together to survive the different waves of the mission. Each wave will bring a specific mini mission like survival, assassination, holding a point on the map, among others. The missions, even on the lowest difficulty, are no walk in the park. They really do require teamwork to fight through each mission which was a pleasant surprise. If you have a couple of friends to take on the multiplayer, you will be pleasantly surprised at the experience as it does add another fun dimension to the game.

As a whole, Mass Effect is a very fun experience and a game that RPG fans will thoroughly enjoy. It has impressive visuals and the Biowares ability to tell a compelling story will grab peoples attention. If I had to give a score right now I would give it an 8/10. The only thing holding the game back from making it a personal game of the year contender is the lack of polish but the game is a great fresh start for the Mass Effect series.

What have your guys’ experience with Mass Effect: Andromeda been like so far? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter by tweeting @TheNerdChambers, and don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram!




2 thoughts on “First Impressions of Mass Effect: Andromeda

  1. Good post. There is a good time to be had with Andromeda, but a lot of technical issues seem to be getting in the way of things. Hopefully, after some patches and updates, the experience will be smoother for players.

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