What Is The Most Toxic Gaming Community…πŸ€”

I’m sure we’ve all spent hours upon days playing our favorite video games… Some of us stay safe in the environment of single player games, and never have to experience the toxic gaming communities. For all of you single player gamers out there… There is a deep dark side to the world of gaming that is toxicity. 

Toxicity can range from vulgar 12 year olds, language barrier yelling, and even angry adults. All of these are pretty self explanatory, young kids swearing and yelling because their parents aren’t around. People from other countries or people who speak English learn a few vulgar or rude words in other languages (Trash, Your Bad, or Vulgar terms). Finally people “tilt” in games, and let their upset emotions create backlash to their teamates. All toxicity can stem from poor communication, yourself, or other teammates who are not performing to expectations causing the team to lose. 

There are two major communities that I play in that experience major toxcicity… The one that I am currently engulfed in is Overwatch. The worst part about Overwatch toxicity is the fact it’s people that don’t communicate. As most of know, Overwatch is a very team oriented game. If one person is out of sync on your team, you can normally call it a loss unless the other team has worse teamwork. The other hard part in th community is players “throwing”. Everyone who plays Overwatch has a pretty decent understanding of what characters in the game are meta (the best characters to play). When people on your team my choose characters who are not part of the “meta” they will see that, and then purposely pick heroes who they  are not good with just because people aren’t picking the “meta”. So as most of know, playing with random people in Overwatch is a struggle…

The last toxic community that I experience hardship in is the Rocket League community.  The part that makes this annoying is it’s from spammming chat. Spam chat can happen let’s say… You miss an easy shot, or miss an easy block. The other team or your random teamates may spam what a save or what a shot to be ignorant. Hardly do you ever see friendly games of rocket league if they’re​ not with friends. Even then friendships may die from good ol’ ro-league.

Go tweet us @TheNerdChambers to let us know what’s the most toxic gaming community out there, or share some of your toxic gaming experiences in the comments or tweet us!

-ShadowGhoul (Brandon)

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