Sony San Diego Explains Changes to Franchise Mode in MLB The Show: 17

I am a lover of all things baseball and that includes video games. You can count on me picking up MLB The Show every year, not just because it is a baseball game, but because it is the best sports game on the market. Sony San Diego seems to do the best job with drastically improving their game on a year-to-year basis, and 2017 is no different. In a blog post on Playstation Blog Sony San Diego game designer Luis Martinez laid out the upgrades the team has made to the Franchise Mode for MLB The Show: 17 earlier today. They have added two new ways to play the franchise mode and cater to both the people that love the tense moments of a game and those who like the management simulation side of franchise mode.

The first new way to go through franchise mode is Critical Situations. Whether it is keeping long hitting streaks alive, or coming up to the plate late in the game to try and end it, Critical Situations simulates the games until the most impactful moments of a game. This is another great way that MLB the Show is keeping people on the edge of their seat with each and every game instead of going through the slower parts of a game. Another feature that is apart of Franchise Mode this year is the ability to player lock. This means before going into a game a user can pick one player on their team to play only as them. Essentially this turns Franchise Mode into Road to the Show game but with your favorite players!

The other way to go through the new franchise mode is with the new Quick Manage feature. This is for those that like the management aspect of franchise mode and it is not actually the first time this has been apart of an MLB game. If you guys remember the game entitled MLB from back in 2005 (back when Sony San Diego was 989 sports) they actually had a feature similar to Quick Manage. It allows users to simulate each at bat with the push of a button and allows the user to pick how they want to approach each at bat. What is great about quick manage is that you can dive in and out of the game, so if there is a big moment in the game you want to handle yourself, you can play out the moment yourself then go back to quick managing.

The last major addition to franchise mode is Player Quirks. These are special attributes that are determined by data gathered from game film on each player. The example they lay out is that Anthony Rizzo is a good breaking ball hitter, so now when he goes up against a curveball or a slider he will get a boost in his ability.

It cannot be overstated how well the team in San Diego does at making their game substantially better every year. These changes seem like they are going to add even more depth to every at bat. What do you guys think about the upgrades to MLB? Who is your favorite team? Let us know on Twitter @TheNerdChambers and don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram!


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