GDC Award Round-Up

The Game Developers Conference held their 17th annual award show yesterday and here some of the big winners from the show:

Inside – Best Audio and Best Visual Art

Firewatch – Best Debut and Best Narrative

Overwatch – Best Design and Game of the Year

No Man’s Sky – Innovation Award

Jordan Mechner (Creator of Prince of Persia) – Pioneer Award

Tim Sweeney (Epic Games founder) – Lifetime Achievement Award

It is no surprise that Overwatch took home game of the year honors, as it has been cleaning house in awards shows over the past three months. The game was so incredibly polished from day one, and in an era of the update, that is rare and impressive feat. Not only that but the game is a ton of fun whether you’re alone or with friends, you can find a lot of fun to be had in this game. Also their support for the game is outstanding with all new characters added to the game being free updates. Blizzard set a very high standard for shooters with Overwatch and we at The Nerd Chambers cannot get enough of it.

Inside winning both the audio and visual awards is not surprising. Many pegged this one as a game of the year candidate with its engaging composition and solid narrative. The other indie on this list, Campo Santo’s Firewatch, was a personal favorite. If you have not gotten a chance to play through Firewatch, please do yourself a favor and play it. The story is so well thought out that it keeps you guessing at every turn. Campo Santo also did a great job of creating dialogue that sounded like genuine, adult conversation making it a joy to listen to the witty banter between Henry and Delilah throughout the experience.

I also threw the No Man’s Sky win in there because it is also a personal favorite. I understand that the game took a load of heat for the whole multiplayer controversy but if you take the game for what it is, the game is a fun, memorable experience. I could go on forever about No Man’s Sky, but I won’t, for your sake.

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