People Need to Slow Their Roll with Bastion

With Season 4 of the Overwatch competitive scene going live, and the update coming out that rebalanced Bastion, people have been instantly locking in Bastion no matter the scenario. I am here on behalf of your teammates to say, STAHP, PLS, NO!

Apologies for the grammar, but look, the new update did not turn Bastion into an all mighty, game-breaking character it simply rebalanced his abilities. Just because he can heal on the move does not make him a viable offensive character; in fact, there are no parts of his rebalancing that make him a more useful offensive character than before. His recon mode is only a bit more viable because of his weapon spread reduction but news flash, his damage did not get buffed plus, he is still on of the slowest characters in the game. His lack of mobility can kill momentum offensively especially on neutral point game modes where mobility is key. The only way he can be a viable option offensively is on payload maps, and that is only if he does what he use to do: sit on the payload, blow up tanks, self heal, repeat. Even then, that scenario can only work if you have a proper team composition to protect a sentry mode Bastion.

Now defensively, it is a different story. He does become a very viable option defensively for multiple reasons. His sentry mode getting 35% damage reduction is incredible (I witnessed a sentry mode Bastion survive a Tracer ultimate after getting stuck), and his ability to heal on the move helps his sustainability. This is a very important thing when defending. Now with his recon mode, this allows him to contest objectives because his gun is more viable at mid-range and his ability to heal on the move lets him contest even longer.

Overall I feel Bastions rebalancing does make him a better hero, BUT we must remember that this was a rebalance of his skills not a buff. He has not become infinitely better by this update at all and he is still a situation hero that should be used primarily on defense. So please before you decide to be a Bastion main, consider what you just read.

What do you guys think about the update on Bastion? Do you think I am spot on, or that I am just a big dummy? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @TheNerdChambers. Also be sure to like us on Facebook and check us out on Instagram!

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