Horizon Zero Dawn is Almost Here

Horizon Zero Dawn will be launching tonight, and we at The Nerd Chambers cannot wait to finally get our hands on it. Preloading is already live for those of you that are purchasing it digitally. For those that are picking it up retail, Gamestop is having a strange early release for the game. People who are looking to pick up the game will be able to pick up their copy between 9pm(central) and 9:30. It is strange that people will only have a half hour window to pick up the game but it is nice for people picking it up retail because they will be able to have the updates installed by the time the game officially goes live at 11pm(Central).

The gameplan for us is to stream the game as soon as possible tonight. The latest we expect the stream to go live is 12am on Twitch, so be sure to look out for the stream to go live and don’t forget to follow the channel so you know every time we stream. Then we will be hoping to having a Horizon Zero Dawn review up in the next few days for you guys.

Let us know what other games you are looking forward to in the coming weeks on Twitter @TheNerdChambers, and remember to like us on Facebook, and check out our Instagram!

8 thoughts on “Horizon Zero Dawn is Almost Here

  1. I bought mine on Amazon and I decided not to shell out the extra $4 for same day shipping. My prime membership helped offset the cost, I got it for $47! I’m excited but I probably won’t be playing until the 2nd.

      1. Nope! I just have to make sure not to spoil myself online. I’ve done pretty good so far.

      2. I live close. Normally I get same day delivery with prime for free but games are different I suppose.

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